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3 Keys to a Healthy, Residential Septic Tank

A septic system is a benefit for any residential property. Acting as an efficient means of channeling waste and sewage away underground, it is an economical and in some cases mandatory part of any home. This is why quality septic maintenance is paramount for a functioning residential septic tank. Like most anything else in life, if it’s not taken care of, it likely will not take care of you!

Here 3 vital keys to keeping a healthy and functioning septic system:

1. Regular Pumping

In some places, septic pumping is recommended at least every 3 – 5 years. However, it really likely depends on several factors since each system is different. These factors include:

  • Location
  • Environmental impact
  • Amount of sewage deposited daily
  • Number of people in your home

To be clear, take a look at this septic service calculator to get an understanding of how often you should pump your residential septic tank.

2. Use of a Filter

All systems need a filter, and all filters need to be cleaned. There is no two ways about it, and to avoid that would be catastrophic.

Think of it like a strainer. It protects your leach field and keeps out out excess gunk, hair, large particles that have not broken down, and anything else that might be classified as unsanitary.

3. Bacterial Additive Products

Not all bacteria is bad! We are not interested in using bacterial additives that will kill good bacteria. Instead, we use Wind River Environmental Septic System Treatment to keep pipes in your home clean, destroy plumbing odors, and reduce trash can odors. Bacteria is a good thing, as long as it does away with the right stuff. And we’ve got the right, non-hazardous stuff to do it.

If you want hazard free septic maintenance for your residential septic tank, please contact us and get started today!