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3-Step Maintenance Program

Our 3 Step Maintenance Program is designed to extend the life of your septic system!

1. Regular Septic Pumping Service

Septic Pumping Truck

Regular servicing and septic pumping will help to identify potential problems that could be lurking under the surface.

2. Bacterial Additive Products

Bacterial Additive Products

Bacteria must be present in the septic tank or cesspool to break down and digest the organic solids.

3. Installation &
Cleaning of a Filter

Installation and Cleaning of a filter Diagram

A filter will stop solids from escaping to your leach field, protecting the most important part of your system.

With Wind River Environmental, it's that easy!

Septic System Pumping Service

Wind River Environmental is the leading provider in cesspool & septic pumping services and cleaning in Sharon, MA. Whether it is routine septic system maintenance, Title 5 Inspections, septic repairs, or replacement of your septic system, our team of technicians are here to assist you. At Wind River Environmental our mission is to extend the life of your septic system. We want to help protect your investment!

Training and Quality Assurance

At Wind River Environmental all of our technicians are graduates of Wind River University where they receive extensive training in all aspects of Cesspool and Septic System pumping and service. In addition to their initial training all of our technicians receive annual technical, customer service, and safety training.

To ensure you receive the best septic pumping and service experience possible we make a significant investment in quality assurance. It's likely you'll receive a post-service telephone call to ensure you were wow!ed by our technicians service and to answer any questions you may have. In addition, Wind River Environmental is the ONLY septic service provider with a dedicated Quality Assurance technician who completes a route each day of unannounced site visits to ensure our technicians are delivering the highest level of execution in the industry.

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"I am writing to share a compliment about your tech, Alex, who came to my house this morning to provide routine service on my septic tank. He was challenged by backing into my driveway on a very busy road and did a fine job!! He was able to locate and efficiently remove the cover & neatly replaced the grass. He approached his work with a smile and was very focused. Alex was genuinely knowledgeable about the condition and need of the system. He willingly uncovered and recovered the tank a second time to apply bacteria additives that I agreed to purchase after he explained their purpose and use. I felt it was worth my time to let you know that this young employee represented your company with a positive approach and exemplary customer service. Thank you!"

Diane, Norwell, MA

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