Ignoring Septic System Maintenance Can Cost You

March 15th, 2012 BY No Comments

closed signWhen you buy a new home you may not hear anything about septic system maintenance. But ignoring this can cost you thousands of dollars!

This is an issue that can cost home and building owners thousands of dollars but is rarely, if ever, talked about. Not only can it cost your family money, but if you don’t practice safe and proper septic maintenance it can cause your water to become contaminated. It also causes major issues with groundwater contamination, which affects us all.

It’s not an easy solution to just fix your septic tank either. Buying a new septic tank can actually cost you up to $20,000 and sometimes even more depending on the size of your home.

The main reason why people need to get a new septic tank is because the leachfield soil gets clogged up and isn’t properly pumped. This causes major damage and if it goes too far than it’s impossible to fix without getting a new system.

The good news?

There are actually many very easy and cheap fixes that can keep your septic system from failing in the first place.

One is to schedule routine septic pumping service. Your septic system must be cleaned properly and pumped on a regular basis to ensure that your system remains at a healthy liquid balance.

Another very easy solution is to watch how much water you consume in your household. It’s better to spread your laundry uses out of the week than to do several loads all at once. You should also take short showers instead of baths and buy filters to keep the water pressure low on your faucets and shower nozzles.

Never use a garbage disposal because food does not break down in the septic tank. Also, think about using environmentally friendly cleaners instead of bleach. This will keep your bacteria levels in a good place so they can continue to break down waste.

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