What is Hydro Excavating and Why Does My Business Need It?

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Hydro Excavation for BusinessWhat Hydro Excavating Does

Hydro excavating is one of many ways to get rid of sludge and debris inside of your septic. Hydro excavating is considered a best practice because of its cost effectiveness in breaking up soil and exposing underground cables so that underground utilities are not damaged during the soil excavation process.

What Exactly is Hydro Excavation?

Hydro excavation is so named because of its use of pressurized water along with an incredibly powerful industrial strength vacuum to evacuate and excavate soil. It is used by many professional companies instead of manual digging because of its much lower rate of underground utility damage.

The Advantages of Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation is considered a best practice by most industry leading excavation companies because it requires less backfill after being used. The technique also causes less environmental damage than virtually any technique on the market today. Hydro excavation is also more cost effective because it requires the least manpower of any excavation technique, saving any business that uses it a great deal of money.

Why Does My Business Need Hydro Excavation?

If your business needs a sign installed on a street corner, hydro excavation is the best method for putting it there without disturbing public underground utilities. Most cities are well versed in the advantages of hydro excavation, so if you say that you are using a company that incorporates this technique, you are much more likely to get the signatures or the permits that you need in order to have your sign up and ready for business as soon as possible.

Hydro excavation is also the best technique for removing sludge from a septic in the winter months. Other mechanical techniques tend to damage underground utilities. This can be a very costly mistake for a business that is held responsible for this damage by local or state authorities.

Hydro excavation is also the best technique when it comes to remote digging. If you are looking to obtain a permit for a change, you will be much more likely to receive it if you do not cause a traffic problem while you are trying to install a sign or other enhancement.

If you are responsible for sludge removal, a catch basin cleaning or cleaning up a spill, hydro excavation is also the best way to go because it is the most precise of any excavation technique.

Contact Wind River Environmental to discuss hydro excavation for your business or to request commercial hydro excavation service.

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